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Sub-Area Plans

Sub-Area Plans are intended to provide a more coordinated, efficient and effective structure for neighborhood planning. Existing and future neighborhood planning will be integrated into the planning for regional centers and community planning areas. Neighborhoods will become integral sub-geographies of these sub-areas while also receiving special attention through chapters and/or sections in each Sub-Area plan, reflecting specific opportunities, challenges, recommendations and priorities from each participating neighborhood. Neighborhood and community plans should be respected, as appropriate, as they are integrated into the sub-area plans.

Comprehensive Plan Community Areas

Regional centers are one of the major building blocks of San Antonio’s city form and are a major component of the Comprehensive Plan and the overall SA Tomorrow effort.

Community Areas form the rest of San Antonio outside of the Regional Centers. These areas comprise many of our existing neighborhoods, grouped by geography and common history, challenges, and opportunities. By proactively directing a higher proportion of growth to our Regional Centers, we aim to limit the impacts of that growth on existing, stable neighborhoods. However, cities and neighborhoods are always evolving, and we must plan to adapt to and leverage change for all our existing and future residents by creating complete neighborhoods and communities that provide a full range of amenities and services, a variety of housing and transportation choices, and opportunities for employment, shopping, education, and recreation.

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